Things to Check Before Taking a Road Trip

As spring break and summer road trip season is approaching, it's important to check your vehicle to make sure it's ready to hit the road. Here are a few things to check before a long trip.

Change Oil (If Needed) and Check Other Fluids
Changing your oil is one of the least expensive services you can do for your vehicle but plays a vital role in the overall health of your vehicle. Oil helps keep your engine's internals lubricated and working smoothly. Keep an eye on when  your next oil change is and change the oil before leaving if you need to. Also, check other fluids like transmission fluid and coolant to make sure they aren't leaking or need to be flushed.
Check Tire Pressures and Tread
Check the label in your driver's side door jamb for the manufacturer-recommended tire pressures. Also, take a look at your tire tread to make sure your tires are not too worn or unevenly worn.
Resolve Any Mechanical Issues
Get that knock, squeak or leak checked out before you set off so it doesn't cause you trouble down the road.
Check Your Lights
Make sure your headlights, taillights, turn signals and any other exterior lights are working properly to make sure you're visible on the road.
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